Srinagar July 13: Kashmir has witnessed 34 Civilian killings,  thousands got injured and dozens lost their vision but it seems nothing to CM Mehbooba Mufti.

She strongly condemned killing of Indian troops few days back and said that she is ashamed of being a muslim, but when Civilians lost their lives, she remained quiet in order to remain in power. She proved to be the pro-indian puppet of RSS by choosing her Chair over people of Kashmir.  She doesn’t deserve to be the head of the state,  she is useless and selfish.  Kashmiris who went out for voting in her favour in 2014 elections were cheated badly by this strange woman for power.

She never pressurised the Indian government to stop  killing of innocent Kashmiris,  Infact she remained quiet and hidden from the media for days, even she didn’t joined the High Level meeting with the Prime Minister of India over Kashmir Unrest.  Kashmiris have been cheated again and again by hypocrites and selfish leaders like Mehbooba Mufti.  She had failed to stop “human rights violation ” in Kashmir which was a part of her election manifesto. 

She can be booked for cheating the people of Kashmir by telling lies and not fulfilling her promises she made during election campaign in 2014. She proved to be an indian agent just like her father who had started his career by using “Muslim League ” for deceiving the people of Kashmir and later died as an indian agent.