imagesSrinagar 12 July: People of Kashmir have been facing oppression since decades, people faced same kind of situation recently during 2008  & 2010 unrest. Mehbooba Mufti raised questions over the inablities of the National Conference government in stabilizing the state of J&k and PDP along with its President Mehbooba Mufti went against government over Civilian killings and raised questions related  to AFSPA in Kashmir.

But now it seems that she is a big hypocrite  who raised these issues only to get votes from the people of Kashmir to come into power.  Kashmiris were again cheated by this lady when she came into power in 2014 elections.  She went into coalition with Communal Hindu party BJP and started harming the common people of Kashmir like never before.  AFSPA is working at its own place,  NHPC power projects were not taken back from the GOI.

Mehbooba Mufti proved to be a big failure by not only fulfilling her promised in her election manifesto but she also proved to be a looser Chief Minister.  She doesn’t have abilities to handle a state,  people are suffering,  highly educated youth are unemployed and Civilians are getting killed by illegal occupational Indian troops.

33 Civilians have been killed in just 4 days while 2000 are injured,  but the CM of J&k seems hiding behind walls. This incapability of CM of j&k to handle the state can prove worst for the people of Kashmir in the coming days.