Srinagar 12 July: It has been almost 7 decades since people of Kashmir started their freedom struggle against illegal Indian occupation and about 100000 Civilians have been killed by Indian troops including children, women, senior citizens & the youth. Indian troops are involved in Massacres, Fake Encounters, Disappearances, Mass Rapes and war crimes but the world is silent over this issue.

Kashmir ‘A Paradise on Earth” has been converted into hell by Indian troops where civilians are being killed almost everyday. Recently a 21 year old freedom fighter of Kashmir “Burhan Wani” was killed by Indian troops & thousands of people attended the funeral of slain freedom fighter. Peaceful Protests broke out in several parts of Kashmir where Indian troops shot dead at least 32 Civilians, injured 1500 civilians & many injured students lost their vision due to pellet guns used by Indian troops. The situation remains tense, curfew has been imposed in kashmir. Hospitals , doctors & ambulances were attacked by indian troops.

 The world is unaware that “Jammu & Kashmir” government works on its own constitution & have its own flag. India is trying to take full control over kashmir by means of force and kashmiris are showing resistance towards Indian occupation.

Kashmir is UN recognized disputed territory & World leaders need to raise voices in favour of oppressed kashmiri people Indian agencies have started defaming kashmiris as terrorists by bombing its own people. The world needs to know the truth about innocent & peaceful society of kashmir.